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Chocolate Box letter

Hello, assigned chocolatier! :D

Thanks in advance for writing for me; I'm sure I'll enjoy it!
So, before I get into specific fandoms, here's a few general notes:
I don't necessarily have anything in mind genre-wise, but my tastes are all over the place. Making me laugh is always a plus, but if you want to go serious, by all means, have at it. Trope-wise, I love hurt/comfort, epistolary fic, outside perspectives, and things that expand on canon.
DNWs: I'm not really looking for PWPs. If you do feel inclined to include sex, squicks are incest and scat/watersports, 24/7 BDSM, and A/B/O.
In a genre/trope sense, I'm not after AUs that drastically change the setting (there's an exception to this for a specific fandom, but I'll get into that), issuefic, or non-canon character death.

Now, to specific fandoms!

WWE (well, technically NXT)
I requested Johnny Gargano/Tommaso Ciampa here as they're my rarepair OTP, and while Yuletide increased the amount of fic by something like 400% there's still nowhere near enough. :D Honestly, just about anything would make me happy. Feel free to set things wherever - anything about their brilliant autumn is very welcome. If you want to keep things more current - what did they get up to on tour? What's it like being champions? Inquiring minds want to know!
Oh, do keep it kayfabe, though, please - I'm not after RPF so much.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
No specific preferences for character combinations or ships here, but the reason I didn't hit Any is that I really don't ship Jyn/Cassian. That's about the only major fandom-specific DNW; gen or any other ship is fine, even if it wasn't necessarily in the tags I selected!
Anything set before the movie would be fun - what were anyone's lives like before? Tell me about teenaged soldier Jyn, or Cassian's exploits in the Rebel Alliance, and so forth!
Oh, or any missing scenes - the stuff we don't see during the course of the movie. What's going down with the rest of the Alliance while the Rogue One crew makes a break for it? Or, on the other side of things, what's happening on the Death Star?
Appearances from original trilogy characters would also be really welcome, actually - if you feel like featuring any of them probably, I'd totally be into it.

Breaking Bad
Another Any request, so, er, go wild! Any ship or gen is cool.
This is the one fandom where you can totally disregard the "no AUs" caveat - provided Walt's still cooking meth. For instance, if you feel like writing a coffee shop AU where the coffee shop is a drug front, I'd be delighted!
If you feel like focusing on any specific relationships I'm open to anything, as long as it's massively unhealthy. Much of the appeal of the show is watching deeply flawed people be kind of awful, so any fic in that spirit would be great, heh.