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Hello, Extreme Deadline assignee!

...First of all, I am SO SORRY at how late this is. Life and exchange overlap got the better of me, I'm afraid.
Either way, thanks in advance for the fic :D

I'll get into ship- and character-specific stuff later on, but first a few general likes and dislikes:
Most genres can totally work for me, so don't feel too constrained in that regard. I love H/C, fluff, angst and humor and have a romantic streak a mile wide, but don't feel tied to any of this specifically. Also, in this fandom, I very much prefer keeping things kayfabe; RPF counts as another fandom, for me.

DNWs are character death, A/B/O, any kink involving body fluids, non-con between any ship or character I requested, and AUs that change the setting to a contemporary everyday one.

(A note in that regard - NON-mundane AUs are completely welcome! If you're struck by inspiration and feel like writing a fic where everything's set in space or people are spies or pirates or something, by all means, go for it. I find them very fun, even if not many suggestions will show up in this letter because I'm legitimately sort of crap at coming up with premises for them, heh.)

And onwards to the specifics!
Note that these are just suggestions - I'm brainstorming here, really, so if you have another idea don't feel discouraged.

The unexpected odd-couple ship. :D They've been such a delight, heel turn and all. For these two I'm really craving something bickery and heavy on the banter. They went from very amusing loathing to grudging tag team to genuinely, endearingly affectionate and I am so charmed. Anything dealing with their progression would be very loved.

Drew Gulak/Mustafa Ali:
I do love a feud that's obsessive for no rational reason. Drew seems really fixated on Mustafa despite the fact that he's not anywhere near the only flippy guy on the roster - I'd very much welcome any explanation as to why this is, as it were! And how does Mustafa feel about all this? Bewildered? Angry? Faintly turned on? Inquiring minds want to know.

Noam Dar/Alicia Fox:
Probably not the healthiest canon ship on the roster, but possibly the most entertaining. I'd be up for basically anything - why do they inexplicably work well as a couple? Have they gotten over the relationship strife as a result of all the meddling? Or hell, even slightly-odd fluff about their cute habit of being each other's arm candy when the other wrestles would be great.
Slight tangent, but I've also really loved how invested Corey Graves is in their relationship - evidently they're his OTP! - so anything dealing with that (or from his POV?) would also be fabulous.

Austin Aries/Neville:
...if I'm honest with myself, mostly they're here because Heel Neville being sadistically domineering towards people kind of does it for me and Austin sold the hell out of that. *grin* Their sexual tension was amazing. I'm not, like, demanding porn at all - but there's an intensity there that could make for a really fun fic, whether one keeps it mostly subtext or no.

Asuka/Ember Moon:
Because OMG, Asuka had to cheat to keep her title! Is Ember getting under her skin a little? Or does it lead to grudging respect? Ember's reaction was interesting as well - she seemed to blame herself more than she was angry at Asuka for playing kind of dirty. Either way, their dynamic is an interesting one - whether you take it as something that's mostly gen or go shippy with it is totally up to you.

Tommaso Ciampa/Johnny Gargano:
*sigh* If I can be said to have a wrestling OTP it's probably these two, deeply sad though I may be. But goddamn it, that was the most homoerotic betrayal I've seen in a long-ass time - the rationale was very 'dumping him before he dumps me', really. Judging by Johnny's total bewilderment, there's some epic miscommunication that's happened there - so what happened? :D
Alternatively, if you don't feel like writing angst, I'd also welcome any cheerful canon divergence, hee. Or the aforementioned total AU!

Bayley, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks:
Listed as a cluster because I can't really untangle them in my mind! I can be sold on any Horsewomen ship as well, to be honest, so if inspiration strikes you there, go for it.
How's Bayley doing in the wake of losing her title again? And is Sasha to be trusted to comfort her, or is the big aul' backstab incoming? (I mean, let's be real here. But I can suspend disbelief in favour of fluff!)
What's it like for Becky to have her old frenemy Charlotte back? Have things changed for them since the draft? (Charlotte returned with a pile of accolades. Becky... less so. Conflict? Or not at all?)

Finn Bálor:
Is, first of all, a total little black dress as far as shipping's concerned. *grin* Consider this prompt  'Finn/Any'.
Narrative-wise, I'm mostly into the occult angle of things! The Demon can be anything you want it to be as the writers sure as hell can't decide - there's tons of leeway there. (If you want to bring in a second character specifically to creepy things up, Bray would make a lot of sense. Or alternatively friendly neighbourhood Satanist Aleister Black, if you can find a way for them to meet, heh.) 
...I also kind of crave a full-on Gothic romance, to be honest. Have someone fall for the terrifying yet sexy demon creature, and maybe solve some sort of mystery or defeat something evil, it'd be way fun.

Pete Dunne:
The actual worst, I love him so much. He's another one of those people who seems to both aggravate the entire world and have sexual tension with them, so if one's inclined towards shipfic you can basically pick anyone he's ever met. (Even people who weren't technically in my request tagset - I ran out of space. But seriously, I'm game for anybody.)

And that's it! Happy writing. ^^ 


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