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Hello, Extreme Deadline assignee!

...First of all, I am SO SORRY at how late this is. Life and exchange overlap got the better of me, I'm afraid.
Either way, thanks in advance for the fic :D

I'll get into ship- and character-specific stuff later on, but first a few general likes and dislikes:
Most genres can totally work for me, so don't feel too constrained in that regard. I love H/C, fluff, angst and humor and have a romantic streak a mile wide, but don't feel tied to any of this specifically. Also, in this fandom, I very much prefer keeping things kayfabe; RPF counts as another fandom, for me.

DNWs are character death, A/B/O, any kink involving body fluids, non-con between any ship or character I requested, and AUs that change the setting to a contemporary everyday one.

(A note in that regard - NON-mundane AUs are completely welcome! If you're struck by inspiration and feel like writing a fic where everything's set in space or people are spies or pirates or something, by all means, go for it. I find them very fun, even if not many suggestions will show up in this letter because I'm legitimately sort of crap at coming up with premises for them, heh.)

And onwards to the specifics!
Note that these are just suggestions - I'm brainstorming here, really, so if you have another idea don't feel discouraged.

The unexpected odd-couple ship. :D They've been such a delight, heel turn and all. For these two I'm really craving something bickery and heavy on the banter. They went from very amusing loathing to grudging tag team to genuinely, endearingly affectionate and I am so charmed. Anything dealing with their progression would be very loved.

Drew Gulak/Mustafa Ali:
I do love a feud that's obsessive for no rational reason. Drew seems really fixated on Mustafa despite the fact that he's not anywhere near the only flippy guy on the roster - I'd very much welcome any explanation as to why this is, as it were! And how does Mustafa feel about all this? Bewildered? Angry? Faintly turned on? Inquiring minds want to know.

Noam Dar/Alicia Fox:
Probably not the healthiest canon ship on the roster, but possibly the most entertaining. I'd be up for basically anything - why do they inexplicably work well as a couple? Have they gotten over the relationship strife as a result of all the meddling? Or hell, even slightly-odd fluff about their cute habit of being each other's arm candy when the other wrestles would be great.
Slight tangent, but I've also really loved how invested Corey Graves is in their relationship - evidently they're his OTP! - so anything dealing with that (or from his POV?) would also be fabulous.

Austin Aries/Neville:
...if I'm honest with myself, mostly they're here because Heel Neville being sadistically domineering towards people kind of does it for me and Austin sold the hell out of that. *grin* Their sexual tension was amazing. I'm not, like, demanding porn at all - but there's an intensity there that could make for a really fun fic, whether one keeps it mostly subtext or no.

Asuka/Ember Moon:
Because OMG, Asuka had to cheat to keep her title! Is Ember getting under her skin a little? Or does it lead to grudging respect? Ember's reaction was interesting as well - she seemed to blame herself more than she was angry at Asuka for playing kind of dirty. Either way, their dynamic is an interesting one - whether you take it as something that's mostly gen or go shippy with it is totally up to you.

Tommaso Ciampa/Johnny Gargano:
*sigh* If I can be said to have a wrestling OTP it's probably these two, deeply sad though I may be. But goddamn it, that was the most homoerotic betrayal I've seen in a long-ass time - the rationale was very 'dumping him before he dumps me', really. Judging by Johnny's total bewilderment, there's some epic miscommunication that's happened there - so what happened? :D
Alternatively, if you don't feel like writing angst, I'd also welcome any cheerful canon divergence, hee. Or the aforementioned total AU!

Bayley, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks:
Listed as a cluster because I can't really untangle them in my mind! I can be sold on any Horsewomen ship as well, to be honest, so if inspiration strikes you there, go for it.
How's Bayley doing in the wake of losing her title again? And is Sasha to be trusted to comfort her, or is the big aul' backstab incoming? (I mean, let's be real here. But I can suspend disbelief in favour of fluff!)
What's it like for Becky to have her old frenemy Charlotte back? Have things changed for them since the draft? (Charlotte returned with a pile of accolades. Becky... less so. Conflict? Or not at all?)

Finn Bálor:
Is, first of all, a total little black dress as far as shipping's concerned. *grin* Consider this prompt  'Finn/Any'.
Narrative-wise, I'm mostly into the occult angle of things! The Demon can be anything you want it to be as the writers sure as hell can't decide - there's tons of leeway there. (If you want to bring in a second character specifically to creepy things up, Bray would make a lot of sense. Or alternatively friendly neighbourhood Satanist Aleister Black, if you can find a way for them to meet, heh.) 
...I also kind of crave a full-on Gothic romance, to be honest. Have someone fall for the terrifying yet sexy demon creature, and maybe solve some sort of mystery or defeat something evil, it'd be way fun.

Pete Dunne:
The actual worst, I love him so much. He's another one of those people who seems to both aggravate the entire world and have sexual tension with them, so if one's inclined towards shipfic you can basically pick anyone he's ever met. (Even people who weren't technically in my request tagset - I ran out of space. But seriously, I'm game for anybody.)

And that's it! Happy writing. ^^ 

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Hello, dear NoFM writer!

Thank you in advance for the fic, I'm sure I'll dig whatever you end up writing. :D
I'll go into specific fandom requests later, but a quick rundown of basic likes and dislikes:
Genre-wise, I can be sold on just about anything. I have a particular fondness for H/C, epistolary fic, outsider POVs, angst that ends happily, humor and fluff, but by all means don't feel like that ties you to anything.
DNWs are AUs that change the setting to a mundane, real-world one, anything specifically focused on real-world social issues, and non-canon character death. Porn-specific squicks are basically anything involving bodily fluids. And also incest, but realistically that wouldn't apply much here.

So, for specifics:
(Note that all of these are guidelines and brainstorming! Again, if you've a great but totally unrelated idea, by all means, have at it.)

The Expanse
(Chrisjen Avasarala, Amos Burton/Alex Kamal, Amos Burton & Naomi Nagata, Bobbie Draper)
So first of all: I haven't read the books, I'm a show-only fan. Feel free to incorporate book stuff if you like, but don't assume any prior knowledge. ^^
This would be a really fun fandom to do outsider POV stuff for, or even a multimedia kind of thing - what does anyone else in the galaxy make of Eros zooming across the galaxy, and of all the political upheaval?
Zooming in on characters a bit:
I love Chrisjen's politicking so much - anything focused on that would be very welcome. Anything about her dealing with canon events would be great, or anything set pre-canon if you want to get into how she got where she is today.
For the past few episodes, I've been digging the idea of Alex/Amos. They have a pretty fun dynamic and I'd probably be thrilled with anything, as there's seriously like three fics at this point. Take things as light (space hookup shenanigans!) or dark (let's be real, they're both various degrees of dysfunctional) as catches your fancy.
Naomi and Amos have a fascinating relationship that I'm sure is more explored in the books, but for now - headcanon away. Why does he follow her? What have they been up to in the past, to end up with this dynamic? What effect has everything that's been happening on their friendship?
Bobbie just dropped everything she used to believe in because of a heap of political conspiracy. How's that affecting her, and how did she make that decision? Or otherwise, what's her past in the Martian marines like? Her dynamic with Chrisjen seems to be going somewhere interesting - that'd also be worth exploring!

(Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, Asuka, Ember Moon, Shinsuke Nakamura)
Only general note here is that I'd really prefer to keep things kayfabe, rather than RPF!
Also, do feel free to grab anyone from the roster as, like, secondary characters. I'd prefer the focus to be on the bunch I named, but ensemble fic is totally welcome.
...OK, so I think the other nominating person made the same mistake as I did and failed to realize you could nominate relationships, not just characters? ^^;
Anyway, I ship Gargano/Ciampa like UPS, so anything shippy is very welcome. If that doesn't float your boat, though, gen is fine too!
So their autumn and spring must've been a roller-coaster of emotions, with the beautiful win in Toronto, the international tour after, and then eventually the loss to the AoP. Basically anything dealing with any of that would make me very happy indeed. :D Alternatively, if you don't feel like dealing with quite so much wrestling, I'm also yearning for domestic shenanigans, be it shippy or just general roommate-ness.

Post-Takeover Chicago Edit of Woe, May 22nd
...Well. First of all:

Now that we've got that out of the way: Incorporate recent events however you want, or don't, at all! If you had happened to pick #DIY to write about, I'm totally fine with receiving something that's technically Jossed. Tag it as canon-divergent AU if applicable and call it a day!
If you hadn't started writing and feel like it, feel free to add some of that angst, but. Do end on a hopeful note if possible, at the very least? ^^; Permanent ship-sinking would be profoundly depressing.

Asuka's still on top of the division after more than a year! Is she enjoying her reign? Is it lonely at the top? Is she bored? Inquiring minds want to know! People have come and gone over the past few months; does she miss Bayley, and how does she feel about the heap of new challengers?
Speaking of new challengers - I would totally be down with Asuka/Ember Moon in a rival-ship sort of way. Asuka seems to always be very excited for competition; how does Ember feel about this?
Also: Ember's gimmick. Is she a werewolf? A witch? Something else supernatural? I'm sure there is a story in there somewhere!
Shinsuke's eligible for NoFM for the last time, so it'd be brilliant if the tragic lack of fic was remedied at least a little bit. Anything dealing with his moving up to the main roster would be fun. Also, he's a total little black dress for me as far as shipping's concerned - seriously, draw any name from a hat and I could probably be sold on it. The entire roster seems to love him, which is kind of a prompt in and of itself... :D

The Cinder Spires
Oh man, literally anything, there's no fic for this thing at all!
In terms of specific ideas, though:
I really liked Bridget and Gwendolyn's developing friendship - they go from awkward miscommunication to this wonderful connection, and I'd eat up anything related to that.
Rowl is a delight, and I love the portrayal of cats in this thing. So: Rowl POV would be a blast in any case, and I'd be very much into the cat perspective on all the ongoing events, hee.
The Etherialists all have an unusual perspective on the world, which we don't know that much about yet, so it might be a lot of fun to explore. A random detail I loved was Folly talking to the Predator, and Grimm's reaction to that; if there's anything you can do with that story-wise, I'd be delighted.

So that's that - I hope there's something that strikes your fancy, and remember that these are but ideas and guidelines. Happy writing!
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Hello, assigned chocolatier! :D

Thanks in advance for writing for me; I'm sure I'll enjoy it!
So, before I get into specific fandoms, here's a few general notes:
I don't necessarily have anything in mind genre-wise, but my tastes are all over the place. Making me laugh is always a plus, but if you want to go serious, by all means, have at it. Trope-wise, I love hurt/comfort, epistolary fic, outside perspectives, and things that expand on canon.
DNWs: I'm not really looking for PWPs. If you do feel inclined to include sex, squicks are incest and scat/watersports, 24/7 BDSM, and A/B/O.
In a genre/trope sense, I'm not after AUs that drastically change the setting (there's an exception to this for a specific fandom, but I'll get into that), issuefic, or non-canon character death.

Now, to specific fandoms!

WWE (well, technically NXT)
I requested Johnny Gargano/Tommaso Ciampa here as they're my rarepair OTP, and while Yuletide increased the amount of fic by something like 400% there's still nowhere near enough. :D Honestly, just about anything would make me happy. Feel free to set things wherever - anything about their brilliant autumn is very welcome. If you want to keep things more current - what did they get up to on tour? What's it like being champions? Inquiring minds want to know!
Oh, do keep it kayfabe, though, please - I'm not after RPF so much.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
No specific preferences for character combinations or ships here, but the reason I didn't hit Any is that I really don't ship Jyn/Cassian. That's about the only major fandom-specific DNW; gen or any other ship is fine, even if it wasn't necessarily in the tags I selected!
Anything set before the movie would be fun - what were anyone's lives like before? Tell me about teenaged soldier Jyn, or Cassian's exploits in the Rebel Alliance, and so forth!
Oh, or any missing scenes - the stuff we don't see during the course of the movie. What's going down with the rest of the Alliance while the Rogue One crew makes a break for it? Or, on the other side of things, what's happening on the Death Star?
Appearances from original trilogy characters would also be really welcome, actually - if you feel like featuring any of them probably, I'd totally be into it.

Breaking Bad
Another Any request, so, er, go wild! Any ship or gen is cool.
This is the one fandom where you can totally disregard the "no AUs" caveat - provided Walt's still cooking meth. For instance, if you feel like writing a coffee shop AU where the coffee shop is a drug front, I'd be delighted!
If you feel like focusing on any specific relationships I'm open to anything, as long as it's massively unhealthy. Much of the appeal of the show is watching deeply flawed people be kind of awful, so any fic in that spirit would be great, heh.
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Hello there!

First of all, do not be alarmed - this is not actually a dentist. I just haven't done fandom unanon for a long time, and I've not done much but lurk lately. Yuletide seemed a good a time as any to get back into it. :D

Anyway. Three fandoms requested; two have been recently rebooted, as it were, after a decade of inactivity, and the third is a music video with post-apocalyptic teddy bears.
I like basically anything character- or plot focused. For specific tropes, I love outsider POV and epistolary fic, but those are by no means mandatory and not actually feasible for every fandom listed, heh.
DNWs are largely the same for all of them - I'm not interested in PWP, issuefic, or AUs that have nothing to do with canon. (Canon divergent AUs or retellings with tweaked settings and the like are welcome, though.) Squicks are basically limited to incest, scat and watersports.
Now, for specific fandoms!

The Libertines
As of this writing nobody's offered this yet, but I still hold hope!
Honestly, I'd be happy with just about anything, heh - the band's reunion made me crave all of the fic but so much of it is inaccessible now. I've only requested Pete and Carl because honestly, they've always been the fic draw for me, but feel free to include Gary and John as much or as little as you like.
I'd especially love anything related to the reunion. I do ship Pete/Carl with great enthusiasm and they're kind of an OTP, silly as it is for a RPF ship. I'm totally fine with gen if that's your thing, but I would prefer it if you don't focus on romantic relationships with anyone else.

Let's get this out of the way first - I mean the original trilogy, not the reboot. I've not actually gotten around to playing that yet. Deadly Shadows is the installment of my heart, but Dark Project or Metal Age fic would also be awesome.
Anyway. This is the one fandom where setting AUs could be potentially really interesting as long as you keep the other story elements close to the original. Alternatively, some world-building is always welcome; tell me how the normal inhabitants of the City cope with the events of the games, do something with the Hammerites or the Pagans, talk about everything the Eye has seen; go wild! If you're wanting something more character-focused I'd really prefer Garrett, but I'd also be interested in Viktoria or Lauryl.

...Yeah, here I'd just like an explanation of WTF is going on in this video! Why the rubble, was there some apocalyptic event? What are they doing? Why are there giant teddy bears? Is there some sort of weird revolution going on or are they starting one?
Basically, theorize what's happening. Can be as serious or as cracky as you like, it has the potential to be a very fun read either way! I don't really ship or NoTP anything, so feel free to go with gen or any combination of your preference. :D

Best of luck, dear author, and I look forward to reading what you come up with!
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I'm no good at keeping journals - I'm afraid I totally lack the dedication to type that stuff regularly. What I am good at is lurking. This post is mostly just here to assure any mods of communities I join I'm not a troll/bot/little kid/spammer/general annoyance. I promise I'll behave, kay? (Am over 18, too. Just in case.)


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